How a distracted driver may alter your life
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How a distracted driver may alter your life

On Behalf of | Aug 6, 2021 | Firm News |

Distracted driving has taken center stage in recent years as it has overtaken driving drunk to become the top cause for accidents. If you find yourself in a crash with a distracted driver, you may face an uncertain future.

Pennsylvania has enacted laws to combat driving distracted, but that alone does not eliminate the risk. The injuries you may sustain should you face a collision with a distracted driver may debilitate you for years to come. Find out more about how your life may change as the result of a crash.

Your health

The severity of the crash involving a distracted driver is difficult to predict. Since the type of impact depends largely on the location and speed of the driver, injuries that result may range from minor to catastrophic. Should you fall within the more severe side of the spectrum, you may face long-term medical treatment, rehabilitation and permanent disability.

Your job

After a car accident, your injuries dictate how things proceed. Even a less serious crash may find you with physical damage that requires attention. You may have to stay out of work for a stretch. If you do not have sick leave or paid time off, your bank account may take a hit. Should your injuries require longer care, you may lose your position in your current job if you cannot return for months. Your injury may also make returning to your same role difficult if you cannot physically perform the job.

Your personal life may change drastically should you encounter a distracted driver. Between healthcare needs and financial stressors, you may face a long road of difficulties.