Heavy traffic, angle collisions and potentially severe injuries
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Heavy traffic, angle collisions and potentially severe injuries

On Behalf of | Nov 23, 2021 | Uncategorized |

You might think that when it comes to traffic accidents, head-on collisions between two vehicles result in the most fatalities.

However, angle collisions cause the most deaths annually as well as a high number of serious injuries. So, what are angle collisions?

Similar crashes

An angle collision is similar to a side-impact collision. The latter often occurs at an intersection. However, an angle collision occurs between two vehicles that are near each other and traveling in the same direction. Often this type of crash happens in heavy traffic or in an area of highway where cars and trucks are merging.

Comparisons annually

The National Safety Council collects vehicle crash statistics. Their findings show that in 2019, vehicle crashes resulted in 4,423,000 nonfatal “medically consulted” injuries, meaning those serious enough to require consultation with a physician. Going back a year, NSC reports show that collisions between two or more vehicles resulted in 79% of all injuries in 2018. And in that year, angle collisions were responsible for the most deaths: approximately 7,400 fatalities.

Angle collision injuries

One of the most frequent injuries resulting from a side-impact collision is a broken shoulder, which may require surgery followed by weeks if not months of physical therapy. Head injuries are also common. Both types of injury can occur in an angle collision. Why? Because safety features are fewer in the sides of vehicles than in the front or rear. Therefore, occupants have less protection against another vehicle traveling at high speed that collides at an angle with theirs. Victims of such a crash can look to receive compensation sufficient to cover their medical expenses, lost wages and more.