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Criminal Law Attorneys Provide Theft And Burglary Defense

We Give You Options As You Face The Serious Charges Against You

When you face criminal charges of theft or burglary, your entire life is at stake. Depending on whether the charge is a misdemeanor or a felony, you could be looking at large fines, probation, community service, and jail or prison.

To make sure you explore all of your legal options, work with the criminal defense lawyers at Bowers Fawcett & Hurst, LLC. We’ve stood by our clients in Beaver County and the surrounding areas for more than four decades, and we’re focused on achieving the best results possible for our clients. We provide dedicated legal representation for theft and burglary cases.

The Basics Of Burglary, Robbery And Theft

Theft is generally any criminal act involving a person taking the property of another without consent. Theft offenses include theft by unlawful taking, theft by deception, retail theft and numerous other related offenses. The grading of the offense often is determined by the value of the items taken and the prior record of the defendant.

A person is guilty of robbery if, in the course of committing a theft he causes serious bodily injury, threatens another with serious bodily injury, physically takes or removes property from a person by force or several other defined acts. Robbery is graded as a felony offense.

Burglary does not necessarily require the commission of a theft offense rather burglary occurs when a person enters a building or occupied structure, or separately secured or occupied portion thereof with the intent to commit any crime therein. The building does not have to be occupied at the time of the entry to constitute a burglary. Defenses to burglary include; the building is abandoned, the premises is open to the public, and the defendant is licensed or privileged to enter.

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When you face criminal charges for theft, robbery or burglary, you need an attorney you can trust to explore all of the legal defenses available to you. Call Bowers Fawcett & Hurst, LLC today at 724-330-4780 or contact us online to set up your free initial consultation. We serve individuals throughout western Pennsylvania from our Ambridge office, located just off State Rte. 65. We also maintain flexible office hours for your convenience.