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Nothing is more important than the health and well-being of your children. If you are going through a custody dispute in Pittsburgh or elsewhere in western Pennsylvania, the family law attorneys at Bowers Fawcett & Hurst, LLC can help. We advocate for your best interests and your children’s. When you need help with your custody case, you can trust in us.

Issues related to child custody in Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, there are many different types of child custody arrangements. Physical custody refers to where the child will live, whereas legal custody deals with who has the right to make important decisions about the child’s education, healthcare and medical needs. Child custody can be either shared, partial or sole, but when one parent has sole primary custody, the child lives with that parent and that parent alone has the responsibility to make decisions about the child’s life.

Shared custody arrangements have become more common over the years, as many courts and judges are of the opinion that having both parents heavily involved in the life of the child is beneficial for the child’s development. In a shared custody arrangement, both parents share rights of decision-making, and the child moves back and forth between residences in accordance with an agreed-upon arrangement.

What determines how much child support a person pays?

There are numerous factors that impact how much child support a parent without custody pays to the other parent. These include:

  • Incomes of both parents. Any custody arrangement should accommodate the income levels of both parents while considering the financial needs of the children.
  • The needs of the child. If the child has special medical or educational needs, or extracurricular needs, the custody arrangement addresses those needs.
  • Day-to-day expenses. Children need school supplies, clothing, daycare and more. Child support arrangements take these types of regular expenses into consideration.

It’s important to know that child support arrangements are never set in stone. If the circumstances of either parent change, the agreement can be modified to reflect those changes. The family law lawyers at Bowers Fawcett & Hurst, LLC work with you to establish these agreements and get them modified or enforced when necessary.

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