Tips For Dividing Marital Property
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Help With Property Division In Pennsylvania

Property division can be one of the most challenging aspects of any divorce case, especially when there are significant assets involved. In Pennsylvania, property is to be divided equitably between the divorcing couple. “Equitable” does not mean the same thing as “equal.” Rather, property should be divided as fairly as possible. You and your ex may attempt to negotiate a property division agreement or have the court decide how to divide the property if you are unable to reach an agreement. In either case, it is important to have a skilled lawyer on your side to help protect your interests and ensure that you receive your fair share.

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Things To Consider When Dividing Property

The best tip to consider in ensuring a relatively smooth division of property is to take into account all of your property. In other words, it easy to focus your energy on big items, such as your home, vehicles, jewelry or family-owned business. However, you must also think about home furnishings, collectibles, stock options and retirement plans. In addition, any outstanding debt that was incurred during the marriage may also be subject to division. Making a list of everything you own can help move the process along more efficiently.

One thing not to do when it comes to property division is to attempt to hide your assets. Doing so can result in significant penalties. It is important to be open and honest in an effort to ensure the fairest possible division for both you and your ex.

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