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Typically adultery does not affect a divorce. however, adultery or misconduct is one of the factors to be considered by the court when determining if alimony is appropriate. Yes, if a custody action had been started with the court, the party wishing to move must seek approval from the other party. If the other party does not consent to the relocation, you must seek court approval. Minimum of 90 daysOne party must file a divorce complaint which then has to be officially served upon the other spouse. After service has been effectuated the parties can begin negotiating the division of any assets and debts. Should the negotiations fail or a spouse refuses to negotiate, one spouse may then initiate the court process and begin moving the case before the Judge. However, the case cannot proceed until the parties have been separated for at least one year. YesYou must initiate the court process and begin moving the case towards a trial. Alimony is an award of support to one spouse after the divorce is finalized and there are no set guidelines. The amount of alimony is contingent on 17 different factors that a Pennsylvania Court is required to consider. Those factors include:
•the spouses’ income and earning capacities;
•the age and physical, mental and emotional health of the spouses;
•the spouses’ sources of income, including benefits like retirement, medical, insurance;
•the length of the marriage;
•the spouses’ inheritances and any property they are expected to inherit;
•whether either spouse helped the other to get training, education, or increased income during the marriage;
•whether a spouse has expenses and/or a limited earning ability due to having custody of a minor child;
•the standard of living during the marriage
•the education of both spouses and how long it would take for the spouse asking for alimony to complete education or training required to find sufficient employment
•the assets and debts of each spouse;
•the separate property each spouse brought to the marriage;
•whether a spouse contributed to the marriage as a homemaker
•each spouse’s financial needs;
•the marital misconduct of either party during marriage ;
•how alimony will affect each spouse’s taxes
•whether the spouse asking for alimony has enough property, including property divided in the divorce, to meet reasonable needs, and
•whether the spouse asking for alimony is unable to be self-supporting through reasonable employment.
In order to determine how assets are divide you must first determine which assets, and debts, are considered marital.Not all assets, and debts, are acquired during the course of the marriage. Once you have determined what the marital property is, the parties will begin negotiating. Typically the assets and debts are divided 50/50 but there are a number of factors to be considered that can alter the division of those assets and debts.


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