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Knowledgeable Attorneys Helping Victims Of Dog Bites In Western Pennsylvania

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Animal owners have a responsibility to keep others safe from dog bites and attacks. When an owner has a dangerous animal and you suffer an injury, you have a right to hold the owner accountable for your injuries. To explore your legal options after a dog bite, contact the Beaver County and western Pennsylvania personal injury lawyers at Bowers Fawcett & Hurst, LLC, as soon as possible. We have more than 40 years of experience practicing law right here in western Pennsylvania, and we can handle all aspects of your personal injury claim. Trust in us when you need results.

The Law Related To Dog Bite Liability

One of the biggest issues in dog bite cases is liability. Owners are responsible for the injuries caused by a dog that shows vicious propensities. Vicious propensities does not require that the dog has bit someone before. Evidence of aggressive behavior may be enough. Situations in which dog owners could be considered liable include:

  • A dog that attacks a delivery person
  • A loose dog outside that has a history of prior violence attacking a pedestrian or bicyclist passing by
  • A loose dog inside that has a history of prior violence attacking a guest or resident

The owner of the dog is responsible for making reasonable efforts to maintain the safety of visitors and residents. These efforts could include keeping dogs in a separate room or having them chained in the yard or behind a fence.

Owners found guilty of harboring a dangerous dog are required to take certain precautions in keeping the dogs confined and providing liability insurance.

Taking Legal Action After A Dog Bite Injury

The injury attorneys at Bowers Fawcett & Hurst, LLC, represent victims of dog bites as they seek compensation. Damages can include compensation for lost wages, medical bills, disfigurement, scarring, and pain and suffering

In addition to the negligent owner, property owners may also be liable if they have knowledge of the dog’s vicious tendencies and fail to take action to protect others. There is an expectation that any person who owns property will maintain certain standards of safety for guests, delivery people and residents. Having a dangerous dog loose on the property may be a direct violation of these standards.

Work With A Trusted Personal Injury Law Firm In The Pittsburgh Area

After a dog bite causes injury to you or a loved one, call the experienced personal injury attorneys at western Pennsylvania’s Bowers Fawcett & Hurst, LLC. Set up your free initial consultation by calling 724-330-4780 or contacting us online. Our office is conveniently located in Ambridge, just outside Pittsburgh, and you only pay attorney fees if you recover damages for your injuries.