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Truck Drivers Must Inspect Tires Before Trips

Federal and state laws as well as industry regulations require truck drivers to make certain pre-trip inspections on their vehicles before they head out on the road. Among the parts of the vehicle that must be analyzed before taking off are the truck’s tires. Weather conditions can wreak havoc on tires in Pennsylvania, as constantly […]

What Does Pennsylvania Law Say About Drugged Driving?

Under Pennsylvania law, no individual is permitted to “drive, operate or be in actual physical control of the movement of a vehicle” under the following circumstances: The individual’s blood contains any amount of a Schedule I controlled substance, or a Schedule II or Schedule III controlled substance that has not been medically prescribed, or a […]

Customer Files Slip and Fall Lawsuit Against Moran Foods in Pennsylvania

A customer of Moran Foods LLC (commonly known as Save-A-Lot) filed a lawsuit against the store, alleging it was negligent in its failure to provide a safe environment for guests. The customer filed her complaint in July in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. In the complaint, she describes injuries she reportedly […]

What You Should Know About Wrongful Death Claims in Pennsylvania

Each state has its own statute specifying what constitutes a wrongful death, but the rules are generally consistent from one state to the next. Pennsylvania state law defines wrongful death as any death “caused by the wrongful act or neglect or unlawful violence or negligence of another.” A person who has lost a relative due […]

An Overview of Pennsylvania’s Simple Assault and Battery Laws

Pennsylvania law defines simple assault as an incident that involves “intentionally, knowingly or recklessly inflicting bodily injury on another person, attempting to do so or putting someone in fear of such an injury.” The following is an overview of what you should know when charged with simple assault in Pennsylvania: Bodily injury: A bodily injury […]

Two People Dead After Wrong-Way Driver Causes Collision on I-95

Two people died in an accident allegedly caused by a wrong-way driver the morning of Sunday, July 29. The accident reportedly occurred shortly after 7 a.m. between Woodhaven and Academy Roads on a stretch of Interstate 95 in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. According to police, a man was traveling north in the southbound lanes of the […]

Important Information About Pennsylvania Marijuana Possession Laws

Drug crime continues to be a focal point of law enforcement agencies across the country, especially with the increasing severity of the opioid epidemic. Below is some information specific to Pennsylvania marijuana laws you should know when it comes to possession cases: It can be tough to expunge drug crimes: Pennsylvania does allow you to […]

When Can Fault-Based Grounds Apply to Your Divorce?

Most divorces that occur today are no-fault divorces. The couple simply attributes the divorce to an “irretrievable breakdown” of the marriage or “irreconcilable differences.” However, Pennsylvania also allows for allegations of fault in divorce, which could give the alleging spouse better results with regard to alimony and the division of marital property. Fault-based grounds may […]

Fatal Crashes Tripled in Beaver County in 2017

After a five-year trend that showed a decline in fatal auto accidents in Beaver County, the number of people killed in car accidents tripled in 2017. According to Pennsylvania Department of Transportation information released this spring, there were 17 people killed in car accidents in 2017 — up from five in 2016. This number was […]

Is a Jail Sentence Mandatory for a Second-Offense DUI in Pennsylvania?

There are varying penalties associated with second DUI offenses, mostly based on the driver’s blood alcohol content (BAC) level. Pennsylvania classifies DUIs at three different levels: BAC per se (.08 to .099 percent), high BAC (.10 to .159 percent) and highest BAC (.16 percent and above). The following is a brief overview of the penalties […]


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