Traffic Violations And License Suspensions
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Attorneys In Western Pennsylvania Helping Clients With Traffic Violations And License Suspensions

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Most people get speeding tickets or other types of traffic citations during the course of their lives, but many are surprised to find out how easy it is to lose their driver’s licenses in Pennsylvania. For relatively minor violations, you could lose your ability to travel to work and earn an income for yourself and your family.

If you face the possibility of a license suspension, the lawyers at Bowers Fawcett & Hurst, LLC, in the Pittsburgh area can help. We thoroughly examine your case and the charges against you. We will do everything within the law to help you keep your license.

Common Types Of Traffic Violations

Although most traffic violations do not involve jail time or probation, you still need to approach them seriously and do everything you can to ensure you don’t suffer undue consequences. In fact, some traffic violations can lead to the loss of your driving license.

Traffic offenses are usually split into these categories:

  • Moving violations. These include any type of traffic violation occurring while the vehicle is moving. Common examples include speeding, illegal U-turns, reckless driving, traffic light violations and failure to yield.
  • Nonmoving violations. These are traffic offenses that do not necessarily have anything to do with your driving. Examples include parking violations, open alcoholic beverage containers and seat belt violations.
  • Serious traffic violations. These violations can include driving under suspension, fleeing and eluding, and reckless driving.

What Can Cause A License To Be Suspended?

Some specific violations can result in automatic suspension of your driving privileges, while the accumulation of points as the result of multiple violations within a certain period of time will also result in a suspension of your driving privileges. In other cases, people have their licenses suspended due to a DUI charge.

In Pennsylvania, a first offense for drunk driving does not necessarily lead to a license suspension if you have no other criminal record. However, if you have a prior record or this is a second or third offense, you will face a mandatory 12 or 18-month suspension. This can have a negative impact on your personal and professional life, as you may find yourself unable to travel to work, school or anywhere at all.

While many people simply choose to pay their fines and move on, you do have the ability to fight the charges against you. This is particularly advisable when you are facing a license suspension.

Work With A Law Firm In Beaver County

If you’re facing a license suspension due to a traffic violation or DUI, speak with an attorney at Bowers Fawcett & Hurst, LLC, by calling 724-330-4780 or contacting us online. We offer free initial consultations and flexible hours at our office in Ambridge, just 20 minutes from downtown Pittsburgh. Our team serves individuals in Beaver County and the rest of western Pennsylvania.