Nursing Home Negligence
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Pittsburgh Area Attorneys For Victims Of Neglect And Abuse

Entrusting the care of a beloved family member to nursing home staff is a difficult but often unavoidable decision. Regardless of the thought and research you may have put into selecting a nursing home, negligence is always a possibility. At Bowers Fawcett & Hurst, LLC, we are here to listen and take legal action on your behalf.

We know the failure to provide proper care in a nursing home can have horrific and even fatal consequences, and we will take your concerns seriously from our free consultation forward. If you have reason to suspect your loved one has been harmed, please call us today at 724-330-4780.

Bedsores — Falls And Other Accidents — Malnutrition And Dehydration

Regardless of a resident’s existing health problems and care challenges, nursing home negligence that results in further injury may justify legal action. Our experienced lawyers will obtain records and witness testimony essential to your claim.

We have investigated and pursued serious nursing home negligence cases involving:

  • Failure to properly attend to and frequently move a resident, in order to prevent dangerous skin ulcers known as bedsores
  • Inadequate supervision of elderly or disabled residents, leading to injuries from falls and other adverse, preventable accidents
  • Malnutrition and dehydration
  • General neglect

A Proven Legal Team To Assess And Pursue Your Case

Our western Pennsylvania law firm’s decades-long reputation for diligence, integrity and strong case preparation can be a tremendous asset in pursuing fair compensation for nursing home negligence. Four personal injury attorneys, a caring support staff and access to a network of professional investigators and qualified medical experts are available to support your interests.

Discuss Your Legal Options Without Cost Or Pressure

When your trust has been violated and a loved one has been harmed, you can turn to us for an evaluation of your case. We will provide a free case evaluation focused on the circumstances of your potential case and the likelihood of success of taking legal action.