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Recent Verdicts And Settlements

Dangerous Condition Of Real Estate

3.1 Million Dollar Verdict — Deceased sustained fatal head injuries when she fell through a second storey window. On behalf of the surviving minor children, suit was brought against the building owner and window company that had been hired to fix the window before the fall, and bar that operated in the building at the time in question. The evidence established that the window had been removed for repairs and Styrofoam put in its place days before the fall.

Six-figure settlement for a minor who sustained severe burns on his arms and legs as the result of the property owner and appliance distributor failing to install an anti-tipping device on a stove. The manufacturer designed an anti-tipping device and affixed a diagram for the installation on the back of the stove. However, neither the building owner nor the installation company installed the device.

Products Liability

1.3 Million Dollar Settlement — Client was injured when the platform on a mast climbing work platform (scaffolding) collapsed due to a design flaw. The scaffold was manufactured in the United Kingdom and sold through a local distributor in Cleveland, Ohio. Through discovery and expert review, it was determined that the design of the connector tabs did not meet required safety factors.

1 Million Dollar Settlement — Client was injured when the locking mechanism on a bucket truck failed, allowing the bucket to tip. Client fell to the ground and suffered serious injuries to his back and hip. Expert analysis demonstrated that the design of the locking mechanism and bucket attachment were deficient.

Motorcycle Accident

$725,000 Dollar Settlement — Client injured when a driver pulled out in front of him as he was traveling on his motorcycle. The defendant pulled out of a parking lot directly in front of our client. The client sustained severe injuries.